Tuesday, 19 of June of 2018


The other day I discovered a slightly dated application called OAI2LOD, and I think it works quite nicely. It’s purpose? To expose OAI data repositories as linked open data. Installation was all but painless. Download source for GitHub. Build with ant. Done. Getting it up and running was just as easy. Select sample configuration file. Edit some values so OAI2LOD knows about your (or maybe somebody else’s) OAI repository. Run OAI2LOD. The result is an HTTP interface to the OAI data repository in the form of linked data. A reader can browse by items or by sets. OAI2LOD supports “content negotiation” so it will return RDF when requested. It also supports a SPARQL endpoint. The only flaw I found with the tool is its inability to serve more than one data repository at a time. For a limited period of time, I’ve made one of my OAI repositories available for perusing. Enjoy.

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