Tuesday, 22 of May of 2018

Transforming MARC to RDF

I hope somebody can give me some advice for transforming MARC to RDF.

I am in the midst of writing a book describing the benefits of linked data for archives. Archival metadata usually comes in two flavors: EAD and MARC. I found a nifty XSL stylesheet from the Archives Hub (that’s in the United Kingdom) transforming EAD to RDF/XML. With a bit of customization I think it could be used quite well for just about anybody with EAD files. I have retained a resulting RDF/XML file online.

Converting MARC to RDF has been more problematic. There are various tools enabling me to convert my original MARC into MARCXML and/or MODS. After that I can reportably use a few tools to convert to RDF:

  • MARC21slim2RDFDC.xsl – functions, but even for my tastes the resulting RDF is too vanilla.
  • modsrdf.xsl – optimal, but when I use my transformation engine (Saxon), I do not get XML but rather plain text
  • BIBFRAME Tools – sports nice ontologies, but the online tools won’t scale for large operations

In short, I have discovered nothing that is “easy-to-use”. Can you provide me with any other links allowing me to convert MARC to serialized RDF?

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