Friday, 22 of June of 2018

Linked Archival Metadata: A Guidebook

A new but still “pre-published” version of the Linked Archival Metadata: A Guidebook is available. From the introduction:

The purpose of this guidebook is to describe in detail what linked data is, why it is important, how you can publish it to the Web, how you can take advantage of your linked data, and how you can exploit the linked data of others. For the archivist, linked data is about universally making accessible and repurposing sets of facts about you and your collections. As you publish these fact you will be able to maintain a more flexible Web presence as well as a Web presence that is richer, more complete, and better integrated with complementary collections.

And from the table of contents:

  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
  • Linked data: A Primer
  • Getting Started: Strategies and Steps
  • Projects
  • Tools and Visualizations
  • Directories of ontologies
  • Content-negotiation and cURL
  • SPARQL tutorial
  • Glossary
  • Further reading
  • Scripts
  • A question from a library school student
  • Out takes

There are a number of versions:

Feedback desired and hoped for.

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