The second LLM High Table of this academic year was host to Associate Justice Cordy of the Massachusetts Supreme Court. Since the LLM program at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy was founded six years ago, the High Table Luncheons are apart from a prerequisite for graduation one of the highlights of the program. Justice Cordy has greatly supported this event from the very start and has been attending a High Table every academic year. Justice Cordy talked to us about the judicial system of the USA, which we students found very enlightening, as we all come from backgrounds with diverse legal and judicial systems. We were all drawn into Justice Cordy’s talk, as he approached the way in which the US judicial system functions, not only form his perspective as judge, but also from his perceptive as a lawyer and his insight as an academic. Justice Cordy did not limit himself to simply restating what is written in the pages of a law text book, but gave us a flavor of his own personal experience of how the judicial system of the USA functions form within. Justice Cordy triggered our interest and we all had many questions for him, which he took the time to answer very specifically and profoundly. We were all very delighted and privileged to have Justice Cordy with us on October 23, 2013 and I know that each and every one of us is looking forward to visiting his court house.

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