With the start of the current academic year the new Fletcher LL.M. class convened at the Campus excited about the year ahead. Coming from 8 different countries the 11 students have very different backgrounds covering public, private and criminal Law, academia and practice. During orientation week our schedule was packed with interesting events, all designed for us to get used to our new environment. During those days, time flew by while we got to know each other better.


Finally, we were invited for dinner at Professor Toni Chayes house on September 2nd. This was definitely the crowning  experience of orientation. Professor Chayes hosted students and faculty with open arms, and her wonderful house served as the perfect venue to meet. The very personal environment and accessible faculty had been key for all of us when we chose to apply for Fletcher. Still, all of us were very impressed to find such a large number of faculty and members of the Advisory Council at Professor Chayes’ house, waiting for us and ready to engage in inspiring conversations.

The evening progressed and everyone moved to the living room, where we all, students, faculty and members of the Advisory Council, introduced ourselves. Then various topics pertaining to international law were raised, each of which intended to provoke a discussion. First the Professors engaged in a very lively discussion on various recent issues of international law and gave us a brief insight on their views on the development of international law and organizations. They encouraged us to join the discussion and to share our past experiences with international law. Given the different legal backgrounds of the LL.M. class of 2015 the experiences were quite diverse. After the discussion a very delicate dessert was waiting for us.

We are very grateful for this wonderful evening that has been a very inspiring and warm welcome to the Fletcher community.

Prof. Chayes Dinner


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