Melissa Manzello and Lizzie Gleeson

In the chapter “A Tale of Three Coming Out Stories,” Roxane Gay iterates the importance of well known public figures coming out to the world in order to help advocate for gay rights. For example, Gay states, ” Still, prominent gay people need to stand up and be counted because the word “gay” is still used as a slur,” (p.165).  Gay states this to point out that these celebrities need to share their private lives to help improve the environment surrounding homosexuality, and she uses the reasoning of the existence of slurs still to demonstrate that there are issues that remain unresolved and celebrities have the platform to accelerate change in this sense. Gay’s use of the phrase” be counted” pushes the idea that more people standing behind change the greater the movement becomes. Also, the idea of continued sharing leads back to Gay’s argument that all people need to stand up and be apart of the change, but that the advancement of acceptance is fueled by figures that have a public following.

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  1. I think this point is a very prominent one throughout the latter half of her piece, as she further analysis the coming out stories of Frank Ocean and Anderson Cooper. In addition, this argument can be support as the motivation for numerous other celebrities to come out, including Tyler, the Creator who she first critiques in her piece.

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