Jasmin and Jason paragraph

While Gay asserts that taking a stand can be beneficial for many people, she admits that coming out is not equally difficult for everyone. She maintains that society classifies certain queer people as the “right kind of gay” (165). Those who do not fit this mold often are ignored or ostracized. One such person was Sally Ride; after her death in 2012, Ride’s wife was ignored and denied the benefits often given to heterosexual widows. Since she did not fit the mold of a “white, handsome, successful, masculine,” male, their relationship went widely unrecognized (165). Due to her deviance from the norm, she is not recognized as the “right kind of gay” and is not accepted. This fear that one will be ostracized from society if they do not fit the mold of the “right kind of gay” thus makes it more difficult for some to come out.


  1. This was well written and well structure. It got to a specific point and there was evidence and analysis to back it up. It’s sad that social classes has an influence on whether one can be the “right kind of gay”. Everyone should be equal and there shouldn’t be a mold or stereotype to fit in. This only proves how we, as a society, need to start breaking that perception.

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