In general, I don’t think I’ve ever read a graphic novel before. I think that really affects my opinions on how effective the graphic novel form was for me as a reader. I had trouble disassociating graphic novels and their pictures with picture book appropriate content. I also just wasn’t quite use to reading the text in order and also observing the images simultaneously. I usually felt like I was giving the text a lot more attention than the images in general. For some passages I felt like the text was enough to convey her ideas but in other places I felt as if the pictures supplemented her storyline sufficiently.  

On page 204 I felt like the images spoke to themes or enriched the content of the graphic novel beyond just the text. Here, her father is letting her borrow some novels from his library. Since these are his livelihood she finds the act endearing. I think their facial expressions convey the tone of their relationship in a way that the text doesn’t explore. When they are facing each other they solely look at the book because it is the books that are bringing them together. When her father turns around she looks up at him as he turns away. He is really happy to be sharing his books with her and she is happy that he is sharing but they don’t let the other one know. In general, I’ve noticed that her father is always portrayed as extremely serious in the novel and his mood and general attitude is often shown through images rather than text explanation.

I think after reading the entire novel and getting use to the form if I reread the book or when I read other graphic novels I can get a lot more out of them now that I have a better idea of how to balance both looking at the text and the images.