In reading part two of Fun Home, I found a lot of questions being answered. While the first part of the graphic novel struck me as confusing and disturbing, I felt a lot more comfortable reading the second part and delving deeper into the lives of Bechdel and her family members. It was specifically enlightening to learn more about her father and his past, as well as see their general relationship grow as she got older and revealed more moments that they shared together. It was also interesting to see the parallels between the two, such as the scene where Bechdel is reading a magazine with the image of a man with his shirt unbuttoned, spread across the double pages. Bechdel and her father share an admiration for ‘masculine beauty’ which I find slightly endearing, considering the fact that they were both in the closet at this moment in time. It was also interesting to see more of the father in a positive manner rather than the negative, almost morbid way that he was depicted in the first part. In fact, Bechdel even draws him smiling towards the final pages of the graphic novel, which I found bittersweet. It is true that Bechdel and her father had a complicated relationship, and I believe that this was portrayed accurately in the graphic novel through the shared features of images and prose.