I think that Mecca Jamilah Sullivan does a great job of keeping the perspective of the story in favor of these women. I think in many cases that the assailant would be viewed as the victim which is just sad. The way the story is written is incredibly straight forward. While I normally hate fiction, I think that it is important for stories of black girls to be written and told. A word that was brought up a lot in “Wolfpack” was “dehumanizing”. The headlines pertaining to the attack and counter attack of the man alone are backwards. “Killer Lesbian’s Trial Begins”. Minorities, and female minorities in particular, are dehumanized on a regular basis for various reasons, but Mecca Jamilah Sullivan forces the reader to sympathize with the women. While described as “bloodthirsty” by the media, the reader is aware of the verbal, sexual, and physical harassment that may have justified the killing. It forces the reader to question what they would have done in the same situation as well as not be so quick to judge those for their actions.