“Wolfpack” is a contrast to the other pieces we have read thus far, but offers new insight to how ones race and sexuality affect ones life. For the women in the story, these uncontrollable characteristics were practically their downfall, as they were sentenced to intense charges and media due to their homosexuality. Upon first skim, I was confused by the alignment to our course and past reading. However, a more in depth read proved that Sullivan wrote the store to prove a complex side and forgotten of sexuality.

I really enjoyed Sullivan’s writing and techniques in Wolfpack. Her use of imagery and narration is realistic and rich, making the short story more impactful and real. Additionally, this writing helps one understand and connect with the characters, understanding their tough positions as unjust incarcerated women. Through the three different perspectives, the first-person perspective helps to tell the story in a unique and expansive way. The audience is able to better empathize with the characters. Though one may know the report of the incident of the New Jersey Four, one cannot understand the point of view, position, or feelings until empathizing. Sullivan uses this short story as a vehicle to do so.

Although I enjoyed and understood “Wolfpack”, I am not completely sure on the message and themes of the story. I look forward to discussing and understanding this themes in class today.