In “The Wolfpack”, the story revolves around a group of girls who go through attacks that leave them powerless. The main character, and other women, were called the “lesbian wolfpack” and go through many episodes of pain. The mood is immediately set with the main character talking about being a single parent living with their mom. The “lesbian wolfpack” were attacked by a man in New York and it left these girls powerless due to the inability to use their words. This attack is so relevant to modern society with many powerless groups not being able to express malicious attacks. The pain that stays with these groups scars them for a long time and it’s crazy to imagine how much pain the lesbian wolfpack felt after the attack.


Another interesting aspect I picked up on in the story is how strong the narrator is, even though she has been through so much in her life. When her life is in danger, she is willing to take on the challenge, rather than flee and hide. Despite being powerless, she is powerful at the same time by not giving up. She defies the conventional norm that women are weak in combat situations and how they a need a man to protect them. She shows how a woman can be powerful without even fighting, and how she is more than just a “worthless” woman who is trying to defend themselves against an attacker.