Throughout reading “Wolfpack” I saw the power that words can hold over a human, and how they can bring hope or fear to someone in an instance.  While reading Verniece’s anecdote about her experience in the church I realized how much of an impact such a small phrase can have on making someone feel strong about themselves. By Verniece finding something that helped her put aside what people said about her lifestyle she felt freer to be who she truly was, and I found that inspiring. On the other hand, I got to see how scary and hurtful words can be when the encounter with the man was discussed. Being called a derogatory name is incredibly dehumanizing and completely wrong, just because someone may not agree with the way another lives their life it is not okay to ever speak the way that man spoke to Verniece.  Not only that but the verbal threat of rape is just as scary as someone physically grabbing you.  The man continued to make them feel unsafe and provoked the attack.

I also feel that throughout the piece the way the media portrayed the group of girls was highly prejudicial. They referred to them in an unfair manner and failed to recognize that they were also attacked.  This piece was really enlightening to the injustices that certain groups of people face and I had a hard time getting through it because no matter what I feel that these girls did lose part of their lives for defending themselves in a very bad situation.