I saw many similarities in Roxane Gay’s piece about Robin Thicke and Aziz Ansari’s alleged behavior outlined in the Vox article. Both men think it’s okay to dictate what a woman wants. It is odd that men think they can discern whether a woman is okay with their advances. This probably rooted in their inherent misogyny and entitlement, but when I was finished reading both pieces, my main takeaway was that we’re in too deep and nothing we do will solve our problems because they’re ingrained so deeply in everyone’s psyches that even if we did work to change the way we speak about consent and what not, we wouldn’t be able to see the tangible results of our work in our lifetime. I could be wrong though. As I was reading the Vox article, I asked myself questions like (though many of them were answered later on in the article) : Is it worse in Aziz’s case because he touts himself as a liberal feminist ally while not practicing what he preaches? Why does he do this? Entitlement? Fame? Is he really making a difference if he is preaching to people who probably already agree with the sentiments he’s expressed?