Word Yak. 

We’re getting close to the 100 day count down of our European adventure. I think I’m going to try a style of blogging I’d like to call Word Yak (like word vomit but with a Canadian twist). Here it goes. 

I’m on the metro. I kind of hate the metro. The system in Madrid is good. The people seem sad though. Maybe it’s just me. The girls are good. Loud. Leyre is mean to me. That’s how she is though so it’s ok. I am going to be sad to leave Eva and the others. I had a mini taco for lunch. I met a girl from Tufts who’s studying here. Lydia, our peer leader from Tufts is here. She’s awesome. She made me realize how well we’re doing. Online what we’re doing doesn’t seem hard. It’s hard. I miss my family. My sister is having a tough time. I have dreams about going home to be with my family. It makes me sad. But I’m happy here. I love to travel. I love to play with the girls. I love to meet new people. I love to speak Spanish. Spanish class is on Tuesdays and Thursday’s. My teachers name is Carmen. She has tiny legs. A lot of girls in Spain have tiny legs. I wonder if it is genetic. I went skiing in Switzerland. It has always been a dream. It was hard though. My legs were sore. Having sore legs is one of the things I appreciate. I love to spin. We have spinning classes at my gym and they’re like being at a club. The music is so loud and we turn off the lights. We work so hard but it’s so fun. Sometimes on the metro we play games. Like the one from pitch perfect where you have to pick up on a word and continues with a different song. My roommates are awesome. They always make me laugh. I’m going to miss living with them. I can’t wait until they come to Buffalo and see what I was talking about all this time. Adler’s friends from Florence hate Buffalo because we talk about it so much. I think being away from home increases the pride. I watched the Super Bowl in Cork, Ireland. It went until four am. I ate nachos but I missed Buffalo dip. But here I eat bocadillos with jamòn serrano y queso. It’s a different life here. It’s a big city here. I don’t know anyone. I can do whatever I want. That doesn’t change who I am though. That’s something that surprised me. I don’t feel changed at all. I thought I would. Maybe when I get home I’ll feel changed. But I don’t think people do change. They are who they are. Being who you are is innate. That makes me hurt for the people who have to hide who they are. But that’s for another blog. I miss going to Serve the City a lot. We’ve been traveling and they’ve been traveling. I’m going on Friday. I can’t wait to see Mungo, Warren’s pug. She is tiny and black. Word yaking is fun. Simple sentences are fun. This is how I speak in Spanish a lot because it’s so basic. I need to speak Spanish more. I am doing well with it though. I miss French class. I miss school. I’m weird. I study economics for fun cause I’m bored. I hope my other fellow’s are ok. I cannot wait to see them in June. I love doing service work. A man in Ireland said “that is very noble of you” sarcastically. It made me frustrated. I’m not doing this for credit. I just wanted an experience. I love my girls. I think helping them helps me in more ways than it might help them. I’m not them so I don’t know. I just love them. And my roommates. I’m getting sappy. I’m going to stop. Welcome to my brain. 

Format copied from Aberdeen Bird’s last blog post. Thx girlfriend. 😉 

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