Poof. GONE.

“Banzan was walking through a meat market and he heard someone ask the butcher for his best piece of meat. The butcher told the man, ‘Everything in my shop is the best. You cannot find a piece of meat that is not the best.’ After hearing this statement Banzan *causally* reached enlightenment, for he was Buddhist. He understood that there really is no best and worst. There is simply the judgement of what is. And judgements have no meaning because it is impossible to judge energy. Energy just is.”

Think about your meaning of life. Everyone’s is different. Grab your favorite memories of your best friend out of your brain files and squeeze the juice of emotion out of them. What do you feel? Consider the idea of life and death. Consider being poof. GONE. Does that scare you? Maybe you have a personal legend which determines why you’re alive. The love, the sorrow, the action, the simplicity, the draw. Inspiration? 

Now, grasp those ideas, feelings and consider why. Why do our emotions lead us to believe certain truths? How do societal boundaries influence those truths? It is fact that we as an intellectual species have bound ourselves to rules of society. We have created and thought them up through years and years of life. We have evolved them too. But then again simple fact is that energy cannot be created or destroyed. Just as it cannot be judged. And why does that fact matter? 
In my mind it matters because the society we’ve sculpted sets limits to our abilities. We refuse to live in a high energy state. We ride on a wave of what is right and what is wrong. We’re terrified of the gray areas. Is the way we perceive the way it is simply because it is? I know it has clearly been influenced by human nature. And it’s indeed possible to derive all human action and thought from that of our instincts. But does that mean our societal bounds cannot truly change? Are they limited? Could we revolutionize the way we function if we accepted the fact that energy cannot be judged? 

I truly am sorry for all of the questions. Most of them are not meant to be rhetorical. I told one of my friends recently as we were talking about the upcoming American election that I like to observe. There are many people who rush into change because they’re excited. Because why not? They have scientific evidence that change is possible. Poof. And in some cases- aka moving to Spain for 9 months basically out of the blue- I am all for it. But I also like to observe. 

The reason I like to observe is that people go through daily life seeking to improve. To reach the limit of their happiness, to strive for future goals. To live a life they can be proud of and that can allow others to look up to them. If you use the election as an example, you can easily see that. Bernie strives to counter every single word that flies like fire out of Trump’s mouth. Hillary sees that that is working for Bernie- so naturally she starts to imitate. Trump bullies and bullies until he feels all of his supporters (who must also be bullies or bought out) carrying him on their backs. The simple instincts are to survive and to reproduce. These presidential candidates that are supposed to represent our American societal structure tear at the limbs of our dreams. They’re hoping that they can blind us by pulling us deep enough into the coma that is American materialism and greed. They yank and yank. With every speech, they’re promising the improvements, the happiness and the goals humans strive for every day. But all the candidates want- according to the very biased media that has soaked my brain in the acid of dirty journalism- is to go down in history.

Why? Because our society tells us that that is the imperial conquest of life. To be remembered. For what?? Materialism and frankly bullshit. So when we’re asking ourselves about if societal restraints can really be revolutionized- when we’re wondering why we’re so afraid of gray- I’m just saying… Energy cannot be judged. And energy is all there is. It is what it is and it’s all that matters. Because energy is never poof. GONE. 

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