Dog Bless Dani Luz

  An open letter to my random roommate on my random gap year who just happens to have been the best possible person to be my best friend through this year.

IMG_7931Mexican tortillas don’t make themselves. Did you know when you cook beans you have to remove the small rocks from the packaging so you don’t crack your teeth? Also, there are probably 59 ways to cut/eat an avocado. Oh my dog, bless Dani Luz.

Dear Daniela,

This week, with you in the warm weather of New Mexico, has allowed me to realize just how lucky I am to have you as my roommate & mejor amiga in Madrid. After seven months, side by side cada dia, I can’t thank you enough for your positivity and creativity. You brighten every day through your unlimited openness and happiness. From your obsession with fruit to your hyperactive dancing, you are so yourself- it’s inspiring. There is no one I’d rather have run around with the last seven months than you.IMG_7925

We have had an experience unlike that of any one else on our program because we have shared so much of our time. I wake up every morning and you’re there. We’ve discovered Madrid together. We’ve discovered our hogar, Montoya, together. I think in a lot of ways, we’ve discovered ourselves together too. We’re so lucky to have become as close as sisters on this incredible adventure. Because we really are like sisters now. We goof off and have an innumerable amount of inside jokes. We bicker about the silliest things and then just laugh it off. We work in a pretty difficult and serious environment, but we try to lift each other’s spirits and confidence at every chance we get. And then we come home to our little flat in southern Madrid, to our little piso family and laugh ourselves into our crazy dream lands. So thank you.

IMG_7932Thanks for being my adopted hermana. Someone I can tell anything to. Thank you for inspiring me with your love of travel, reading, and adventure. Thanks for picking out my outfits for me when I’m in a rush. For making me tortillas. Thanks for teaching me Spanish. For inspiring me with your love of yoga. Thanks for seeing Europe with me and sharing your stories and experiences with me. Thank you for teaching me what is good Mexican food and what’s just not. Thanks for fending off Leyre for me when I’m too tired. For being a team with me at work. Thank you for letting me borrow your books. For helping me keep our room semi clean. Thanks for sprinting to the metro with me even if it’s actually on the other side. Thanks for letting me use your coloring book and watching movies with me. Thank you for being my partner in laughing, loving and learning through this year. I’m really glad I saved you from getting run over those 106 times. You really              should start to look both ways… we won’t be room mates forever.

Lots of love, tacos, and reese’s cups. (Actually can you bring some back for me…). Enjoy your time with your family and hasta ahora!

– Dam-e-lineIMG_7927


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