Reporting live from T4 Tufts Uni. 

“COLLEGE ahhhh” so this is what is it huh? Alllllright. 

Welcome to Tufts. A community of brilliant child adults working together or separately to eventually do something with their lives. Go bos! Being at college has been awesomely interesting so far. New people, a million and a half clubs, genius professors- just about everything you could wish for in a university experience. My good friend often sends me links about how to succeed in your first year. Helpful tips like wear flip flops in the shower and go to class.    I’ve been reading it religiously…. On the other hand, my friend who’s also a college senior sent me her cover letter for her FULLTIME job application yesterday. Um, real adult life? 

Gap year freshmen are like those kids who loose their baby teeth really late (aka me). At age nine, you definitely have a different mindset on losing your teeth than the seven year olds. You feel kinda late to the no teeth party. But then when all of the younger kids start talking about the tooth fairy you can’t help but get overly excited. I am so excited about being here and having an extensive amount of opportunity at my finger tips. Insanely lucky in fact that this college education thing was even in my deck of cards. It’s just so weird. Good weird. Definitely good weird. It’s just that taste of real life that a lot of people get from taking time off before starting Uni. It makes you feel the edges of the bubble that is most American colleges. Of course, wishing time away is a crime against a law I set in stone for myself. So I’m just gonna keep feeling it out. I bet after my 3 exams next week, I might feel like I got a visit from the tooth fairy. 

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