B008 is open whenever the 230 Fenway Building is open.

The SMFA Media Stockroom offers equipment checkouts via lockers and equipment cages in Room B008.

PLEASE remember this is shared equipment, used by many classes, so checkouts of less than a week are greatly appreciated.

  1. To arrange for equipment pickup, please fill out this form.  Be thorough when filling it out, and try to account for accessories, adapters, lenses, stands, etc.
  2. PLEASE ALLOW two business days for your order to be processed, this allows for cleaning and preparations to be made.
  3. Equipment can be checked out for up to one week.  Renewals can be made via email. Request renewals at least 24 hours in advance of your due date.  Please be prepared to return the item in the event it has been reserved by another patron. 
  4. You will receive a confirmation of your Reservation in an email: detailing your equipment, pick up and return time .
  5. You will receive a separate email telling you your locker number and combination.
  6. Proceed to Room B008, that is just past the Media Stockroom, in the basement of the 230 Fenway building and find your Locker.
  7. Open the lock and pick up equipment
  8. Leave lock unlocked when you leave, this will signal that you picked up your equipment. 


      Return Lockers use keyed padlocks and vacant lockers will be    unlocked.

  1. You can return your equipment to Room B008.  
  2. Remove the lock 
  3. Put equipment into the locker and close the door
  4. Replace the lock and be sure to LOCK IT. 
  5. Email Dan at, notifying him of your return and the number of the locker.
  6. You are all set!