Winter 2019


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Stronger Together

How collaboration at Tufts is advancing research and helping patients.

The Music Man

For over three decades, country music's biggest stars have trusted their voices to one team.

Snapchat Depression

Why has the rate of teenage depression and anxiety doubled in a generation?

Antimicrobial Resistance Fighters

A new Tufts center is cracking down on one of the biggest global health concerns.

Amplifying Tufts’ Impact

By fostering collaborations, Tufts CTSI brings scientific discoveries to the clinic and beyond.

Sea Change

By sailing around the world, Tufts Phil Haydon hopes to inspire and educate epilepsy patients.

PAs Go Global

Physician assistant students are getting a new worldview, thanks to a clinical rotation in South Africa.

Getting in Tune

Like jazz, doctor-patient relationships require a healthy dose of improvisation.

How the Flu Builds a Better Mousetrap

New research reveals how protein molecules seek to hijack target cells.

It’s Time to Address the Vaping Epidemic

The director of the Tufts Medical Center Outpatient Pulmonary Clinic explains.

Sleep Apnea Signals

Researchers from the medical and dental schools work together to improve diagnosis and monitoring.

Remembering Edward Nalebuff, A49, M53

The hand surgery pioneer was also a clinical professor emeritus at the School of Medicine.

Remembering Alvar Gustafson

The founding faculty director of the medical school's MBS program put students first.

Outsmarting Cholera

A cellular process identified by Tufts scientists could combat a half-century pandemic.

Public Display of Infection

Jonathan Epstein, MG02, V02, is behind a new Smithsonian exhibit.

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Leveling the Playing Field for All Patients

How health-care pros can combat bias.

Comic Relief

Get to know the fledgling graphic medicine genre.

The Gift of Education

More students can attend medical school, thanks to term-scholarship donors.

Medicine, Illustrated

Medical cartoonist Cathy Leamy, MG15, explains her calling with a comic.

A New Leader at Tufts Medical Center

Michael Apkon has big plans for the Boston institution.

Boosting Heart Health

The 20-year-old Molecular Cardiology Research Institute boasts several scientific breakthroughs.

Do Immigrants Drain the U.S. Health-Care System?

A new study from Lila Flavin, M19, uncovers a surprising answer.

Cooperative Outlook

Three exciting Tufts CTSI collaborations beyond campus.