Spring 2016


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The Alzheimer’s Hope

Phil Haydon is testing a revolutionary new approach for treating the dread disease

The Gift

The live-donor liver transplant program at Lahey has treated more patients than any other

Always the New Kid

My life as a minority of one has inspired me in ways I never could have imagined

Anatomy of a Magazine Cover

Artist Davide Bonazzi talks about how he developed concepts to illustrate Phil Haydon’s Alzheimer’s research

Obesity Trigger

Restaurant meals pack a whopping number of calories

Our Non-Human DNA

Ancient fragments could advance understanding of how viruses evolved

Science Writing Prize 

Alumnus Sean Carroll recognized for bridging science and the humanities

Danger in Your Drink

The toxic metal uranium has found its way into public water supplies throughout California’s farming regions 

Assault on the Opioid Crisis

Massachusetts medical schools confront a growing public health problem 

Easy Does It

A little exercise is better than none at all, according to a Tufts study of older Americans

$10 Million Life Sciences Investment

Tufts biologist Michael Levin will lead one of two new Allen Discovery Centers in the nation

Hall of Famer

Vivian Pinn has dedicated her career to women’s health issues

Humble Start

We dip back into the archives for a glimpse at the school's first location in Boston

Body and Mind

Hospital seeks to integrate mental and physical health services to improve patients’ overall well-being

Doctoring, Then and Now

The increasing racial and ethnic diversity of Tufts Medical School classes

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