Fall 2012

Big Splash

With the row of a lifetime, Gevvie Stone, '14, caps her Olympic dream

Gevvie Stone, ’14, a member of the U.S. Olympic rowing team, placed seventh in >>

Fracture Prevention

New study finds that daily dose of vitamin D helps the elderly avoid injury

You’re going to need a bigger pill. A new study has found that daily >>

Gambling With Their Health

In states that allow smoking in casinos, researchers raise concerns about the health of nonsmoking patrons

Entering a casino may mean taking a chance on more than the cards you >>

Time for Delivery

Babies who stay in the womb longer seem to do better on tests of intelligence later

It can be a good idea to take your time with life’s great events. >>

Fitness in a Bottle

Are sports drinks any better than water for the weekend warrior?

Sports drinks like Gatorade and Powerade are heavily promoted as beverages that are essential >>

Top Stories

The Trick of Staying Alive

Prompted by one doctor’s inspired moment in the classroom, a disco hit from the 1970s has morphed into a life-saving soundtrack for cardiac arrest victims around the world

The Baystate Chronicles

We pay a visit to our westernmost affiliate, where first-rate medicine rules

Time Enough

When the roles of being a doctor and being a mom collide, all bets are off

Editor's Picks

Nervous Dads, Anxious Daughters

Male mice exposed to chronic social stress early in life produce anxiety-ridden female offspring

Alzheimer’s Pathway

A single brain trauma affects an enzyme associated with the disease

Big Road Blues

Living near a highway can be bad for your health in a million small ways