Fall 2013

Good Connections

Recent poll ranks medical school highly for networking, social life

Graduate students nationwide were recently polled online for their opinions of the best U.S. medical schools when it comes to the quality of a given school’s network (i.e., their peer, faculty and alumni connections) and social life (how easy it is to go out, meet people and/or date). Tufts did respectably in both areas, ranking 14th in the country for quality of network and 10th for social life.

For comparison’s sake, the University of Southern California came in first and Johns Hopkins scored 19th in the network category. Tulane led the social life rankings, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill drew number 25.

The Web group that gathered the opinions, graduateprograms.com, polls current and recent graduate students through scholarship entries as well as social media platforms. An individual graduate program is not ranked until a minimum threshold of graduate student surveys is completed for that program.

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