Fall 2013


Multipurpose cells could act as biological repair kits to treat conditions that won’t get better on their own

For most of us, minor wounds are just an inconvenience. We endure the minor >>

Eye in the Sky

Satellite imagery may provide better warning of cholera epidemics

In two recently published papers, researchers at Tufts School of Engineering, employing methods based >>

Power Loss

Fat molecule may be a factor in muscle decline as we age

As people get older, fat tissue inevitably takes up residence in their muscles, but >>

B-12 Deficiency and Dementia

Vitamin shortage may affect more people than previously thought

Being even mildly deficient in vitamin B-12 may put older adults at a greater >>

Postpartum Depression Spans Generations

Daughters of female rats exhibit the same behaviors as their stressed-out moms

Social stress not only impairs a mother’s ability to care for her children; it >>

Top Stories

Growing New Synapses

The medical school undergoes its first major reorganization in more than a century to promote catalytic research in a time of ever-tighter funding

The Contrarian

Our old theoretical models in biology are not working so well lately, says Ana Soto. She is determined to find something better.

Crossing Borders

School of Medicine steps up its recruitment of top-notch foreign medical graduates to give them opportunities for U.S. residencies

Lessons from Above

Psychiatrist Ronald Pies culls the wisdom of Judaism, Buddhism and Stoicism for advice in coping with life’s vicissitudes

Editor's Picks

Family Ties

A 50th-anniversary gathering evokes the pleasures of pursuing science in the same department while caring for each other without fail

A Double Helping

The medical school’s policy of matching donations makes generosity the rule

Among the Best in the World

Two Sackler School students named Howard Hughes Fellows