Fall 2015

Way Too Short 

How Alvin Bixon, ’47, celebrated his 93rd birthday

To celebrate his 93rd birthday, Alvin Bixon, ’47, made his first jump from an >>

The Long Goodbye

In an emotional program, students honor the anatomy lab donors who taught them so much

There was instrumental music, prayer, snatches of poetry, open-hearted solo singing and a recitation >>

Poised and Ready

In a time of rapid change, graduates are told they will succeed by tapping into what they know

The day held promise, as always. “You can shape the health-care models of the >>

New Channel

A website is born for the community of almost-doctors

For the most part, medical students are drowning in information; it comes with the >>

Like Minds

Animal behavior research holds promise for better detection and treatment of compulsive disorders in people 

In 2011, science threw a curve ball at Nicholas Dodman, head of the Behavior >>

His Laurel Crown

Michael Jaharis awarded honorary degree for lifetime of leadership, service

Great things often start from a simple place. Over his lifetime, Michael Jaharis Jr., >>

Leading the Way

Robert Tepper is new chair of board of advisors

After years of service to the university, Robert I. Tepper has stepped into a >>

Moving Toward the Source

A coalition of researchers explores environmental factors in the rise of breast cancer

Photo: Kelvin Ma

When Ellie Anbinder found out she had breast cancer, she >>

A Tradition of Care

A message from the president of the alumni association

You and I come from a long, proud tradition. In the 1920s, the Boston >>

Top Stories

Laboratory Ace

Almost 40 years ago, Te-Wen Chang was instrumental in determining the cause of a life-threatening disease 

Resistance Fighter

Longtime faculty member Stuart Levy has spent a lifetime studying mechanisms of antibiotic resistance and crusading to abolish the use of antibiotics in animal feed 

Field Marshal

At the height of the Depression and against all odds, Dorothy Boulding Ferebee, ’24, ventured to Mississippi to blaze a resonant new trail in public health

Fortune Teller

Barry Levy says worsening air pollution and frequent floods are just the start of public health hazards apt to occur with climage change

Disease Detective

On the trail of health threats around the globe 

Editor's Picks

Big Road Blues

Living near a highway can be bad for your health in a million small ways

Dockside Medicine

Born into a lobstering family, I worry about their well-being in a special way 

On Designer Babies

Genetic enhancement of human embryos is not a practice for civil societies

The Mercy Ship

Born from a wish to improve the lives of Boston’s poor, sickly children by exposing them to fresh air, the original Floating Hospital quickly created new and better forms of pediatric medicine

Tell Me More

Because interviewing patients effectively is such a precious skill in medicine, Tufts has redoubled its emphasis on teaching students how to do it right