Summer 2012

Best Match Ever

Tufts Medical Center draws 10 percent of the matches; 11 percent of class headed to Harvard-affiliated hospitals

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Camellia Hernandez and Rachel Shing celebrate. Photo: Alonso Nichols

Once again this year, at high noon on Match Day, March 16, fourth-year students eagerly tore open their respective envelopes. The results have never been better. A record high number of 22 students, or 12 percent of the graduating class, were matched to residency programs in family medicine, approximately four percentage points above the national average for students matching in the field.

Catherine Logan (right) hugs Laura Wong

Catherine Logan (right) hugs Laura Wong. Photo: Alonso Nichols

In other good news, all 10 students who applied to orthopedic surgery residencies saw their dreams come true. Tufts Medical Center drew 10 percent of the matches, with 11 percent going to Harvard-affiliated hospitals. Geographically, 31 percent of the class placed in Massachusetts, 17 percent will go to New York hospitals, and nine percent will call California home.

More than 95 percent of U.S. medical school seniors matched to a residency position this year, making this the highest match rate in 30 years, according to the National Residency Matching Program.

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