Summer 2013


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The Viral Thief

Two natural enemies struggle to outsmart each other and survive

Onto the Sure-Footed Path

A new program brought a talented cohort of UMass-Boston students to the medical school

Dearly Departed

Brian McKinney is determined to raise the level of the gross anatomy lab

Ready to Launch

Despite economic turbulence, medical and Sackler graduates should prevail

Denial of Care

Many doctors decline to treat patients who use wheelchairs, according to Baystate study

Growth Again

Through her work in the lab, Laura Wong has coaxed damaged nerve cells back to life

Finding the Good Life

A Maine Track graduate heads home to pursue a career in rural medicine

Word Work

Making sense of language is related to what we already know—and don’t know

High Marks for Patient Safety

Three Tufts hospitals rank among the best in the country

Autism on the Rise

Mild or delayed cases contribute to more diagnoses

Eating by the Clock

Late lunchers may be more susceptible to weight gain

Great Science

Boston teachers and Tufts researchers collaborate to engage high school students in learning about disease

Match Day 2013

Medical students are ready for their next adventure

Common Good

New doctoral degree will address shortage of public health workers

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Tick, Tick, Tick

What looks like Lyme disease may be a completely different illness

Hidden Strength

The placebo effect is stronger and more pervasive than many doctors realized

Just Like Us

A common feline cancer may hold the key to better treatments for humans

On Designer Babies

Genetic enhancement of human embryos is not a practice for civil societies

Competitive Company

Medical school ranks high in number of applicants

HIV Breakthrough

Apparent cure of infant with AIDS earns alumna international acclaim