Summer 2013

Match Day 2013

Medical students are ready for their next adventure

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Dean of Student Affairs Amy Kuhlik, standing next to Dean Harris Berman, toasts the Class of 2013. Photo: Kelvin Ma

The usual uproar came at noon, as the envelopes were torn open and next year’s residency assignments were revealed. Once again, cries of joy filled the air on the fourth floor of the Sackler Center. Among the most popular specialties were internal medicine, with 35 students; anesthesiology, which drew 24; and emergency medicine, with 18 followers.

Thirty-nine percent of the Class of 2013 matched in primary care, including internal medicine, pediatrics and family medicine. This year’s Match Day featured the first cohort of 32 students from the Maine Track program. Ten of these students are bound for residencies in Maine, along with three other students from outside the program who are headed to the Pine Tree State.

Geographically, the class was well-dispersed. A total of 83 students (44 percent) will join residency programs in New England, including 53 who will stay in Massachusetts. Thirty-three graduates will advance their medical training at Tufts-affiliated hospital programs. Other popular destinations included California (17 percent) and New York (12 percent). Graduates will join residency programs in a total of 24 states, the District of Columbia and Canada.

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