Summer 2013

Tick, Tick, Tick

What looks like Lyme disease may be a completely different illness

Under the microscope, Sam Telford surveyed the tiny, spiral bacteria floating in spinal fluid >>

Growth Again

Through her work in the lab, Laura Wong has coaxed damaged nerve cells back to life

The prescription for a spinal cord injury on an Egyptian papyrus in 1,700 B.C. >>

Just Like Us

A common feline cancer may hold the key to better treatments for humans

The traditional means of testing a potential treatment for cancer is to get a >>

Hidden Strength

The placebo effect is stronger and more pervasive than many doctors realized

Walter Brown had gotten over a bad bout of flu, but couldn’t get rid >>

Word Work

Making sense of language is related to what we already know—and don’t know

When the party of mountain climbers reached the summit, they were in awe of >>

Top Stories

The Viral Thief

Bacteria and viruses are waging a constant battle, with countless twists and turns in the fight for supremacy

Onto the Sure-Footed Path

A venturesome new program brought a talented cohort of UMass-Boston students to the medical school, expanding their personal visions of what might be

Dearly Departed

Just hired after a successful career as a funeral home director, Brian McKinney is determined to bring gross anatomy at Tufts into the 21st century

Community Health Activist

Elyse LaFond, ’15, secured a $30,000 grant for prenatal care services at Sharewood

Editor's Picks

HIV Breakthrough

Apparent cure of infant with AIDS earns alumna international acclaim

Tick, Tick, Tick

What looks like Lyme disease may be a completely different illness

What Changes and What Endures

Despite economic turbulence, medical and Sackler graduates should prevail

On Designer Babies

Genetic enhancement of human embryos is not a practice for civil societies