Summer 2014

Rock On

Meet the band from the class of ’17

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From left: Moran-Guiati, Cardullo, Hanna, Pelzman, Levitsky. Photo: John Soares

Matthew Levitsky, ’17, has always been in bands, going way back. So within a few months of arriving at Tufts, he had put together Stank Hands, a five-piece cover band with the simple goal of having fun.

The band, all members of the class of 2017, includes Levitsky on electric bass; Craig Hanna, vocals; Adam Cardullo, guitar; Joe Moran-Guiati, guitar; and Daniel Pelzman, keyboard and drums. 

Stank Hands plays songs that everyone around them knows and can sing along to—primarily music of the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s. “We’ve tried to come up with songs that our classmates would like,” Hanna volunteers.

The band has mastered about 30 songs by rehearsing seven or eight times in a practice room on the Medford/Somerville campus and getting together occasionally at Levitsky’s South End apartment.

In early April, at their first real gig, Stank Hands played Hennessey’s, a club near Boston’s Faneuil Hall, to benefit the student-run Sharewood health-care clinic; they raised $1,400 for the cause. But they are just getting warmed up. There’s much more merriment to come. —Bruce Morgan

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