Summer 2017

In for the Long Haul

Why Joseph Bravoco, M14, gives back to the School of Medicine.

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“I've realized that giving consistently, over time, will have a powerful impact. It's empowering.” Photo: Justin McCallum

NAME: Joseph Bravoco, M14

RIGHT NOW: Radiology resident at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, focusing on interventional radiology because he wants to “be on the side of cutting-edge medicine.”

STAYING LOCAL: Bravoco grew up in Boston and never left. He attended Boston University for undergrad and when he was visiting area medical schools, Tufts stood out as “the kind of place that values its students.”

BIG BROTHER: Bravoco initially considered going into orthopedic surgery, because as a medical student, he participated in an injury-reduction training program for athletes at Cathedral High School in the South End for two-and-a-half years. There, he mentored teens in health careers and
provided preseason health screenings and basic medical care at games. He continues to keep in touch with many of those students.

LEADER OF THE PACK: He served for four years as a student representative to the Tufts Medical Alumni Association executive council. He enjoyed connecting the student and alumni communities, and raising awareness among alumni about the impact of their gifts to the medical school. He continues to serves on the executive committee, now overseeing alumni association allocations for areas such as scholarships and global health programming.

GETTING YOUR MONEY’S WORTH: “Being a young alumnus, many people feel like they just spent a lot of money going to medical school and now they’re being asked to give back. When I go over annual expenditures at our meetings, I see where the money goes, and know there’s still a great need. I’ve realized that giving consistently, over time, will have a powerful impact. It’s empowering.”

EYES AND EARS: For giving every year since graduating, he has earned a spot in the Dean’s Inner Circle giving club. “I get a sense of pride knowing I’m in a social network that is fully committed to the school’s future. We’ve got the dean’s trust, and that holds a special place.”

Every gift counts. Did you know that nearly 75 percent of donors to Tufts give $250 or less each year? Learn more at

—Divya Amladi

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