Winter 2014

Real-World Science

The Tufts Institute for Innovation crosses disciplines to take on global problems

Four research teams at Tufts have set out to solve some daunting public >>

Medical Research Lab Wins Approval

Dean Berman hails opening of TB facility as “a landmark event”

Tufts University received a permit from the Boston Public Health Commission in June >>

Our Ailing Patient

U.S. medicine is not delivering the value it should, says Rishi Manchanda, who offers a prescription for the future

The quality of American health care is not so good: We die sooner >>

The Start of a Mission

200 new medical students don their white coats

On September 7, some 200 members of the class of 2018 donned their >>

Body By Smartphone

Can the thousands of mobile apps on the market aimed at diet and fitness really make us healthier?

We love our smartphones. Since they marched out of the corporate world and >>

Rooted in Giving

A family steps forward to help students pursue medicine without acquiring crippling debt

Family traditions frequently start with one individual. For the Cetrulo family, many important >>

Debt Relief

Getting a medical education is costly these days, but the generosity of others has helped lighten the financial burden for many of our graduates

Often in life, success has a nice way of building on success. It >>

Top Stories

Dockside Medicine

Born into a lobstering family, I worry about their well-being in a special way 

Periodic Table of Art

Professor Dan Jay synthesizes the chemist and the artist within

Old-School Doc

Herbert Levine, beloved cardiologist at Tufts for nearly a half century, left his mark on the place in countless ways

Wide-Angle Healing

U.S. medicine needs to take a step back and consider patient complaints from a broad social perspective if it is ever going to get better at delivering optimal health

Goal Keeper

Mattia Chason, A07, M14, ventured to Africa to care for children at the Albert Schweitzer Hospital. But on a dusty soccer field, he learned that caring goes both ways

Editor's Picks

Potential Liver Cancer Breakthrough

An obscure finding from the 1940s leads researcher to a hormone that may help prevent the disease

Bugs for Better Health

Chemicals produced by the microbes in the gut may determine how healthy we are 

Body By Smartphone

Can the thousands of mobile apps on the market aimed at diet and fitness really make us healthier?

TB on the Comeback Trail

Microbiologist works to decipher the defenses of the centuries-old bacteria

The Boss Who Barked

He could be brusque and opinionated. But however he carried himself, Tufts professor Louis Weinstein ranked as a founding father of the field of infectious diseases