Winter 2017


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Head in the Clouds

At Mt. Everest, Katherine Rizzolo, A09, M16, helped test mountain climbers’ mental acuity.

In a New Light

A $15M donation will remake the anatomy lab and assist students who pursue family medicine.

Starting Over Again

How a Tufts residency program is helping a community of Haitian refugees in Lawrence, Mass.

A Cancer Cell’s Achilles’ Heel

Cell biologist Michael Forgac targets a mechanism that allows cancer to spread.

Open-and-Shut Case

John Santa, ’76, is leading an effort to make doctors’ notes from office visits readily accessible to patients, but not everyone is so eager to see it happen.

Rethinking Muscle Cramps

A spicy drink that doesn’t taste good appears to obliterate pain through misdirection of the nervous system.

Poetry as Cure

Jessica Evans-Wall, ’19, is well-versed in caring for young patients.

Romance in the Air

There’s something about becoming a doctor …

Heart Guard

High-tech chest protector thwarts sudden death in young athletes.

Spread the News

Study finds that butter is neither demon nor angel when it comes to health effects.

Bianchi Named to Top NIH Post

Neonatologist oversees national research agenda for child and family health.

On Tough Choices

When patients refuse treatment.

Research Star

Young postdoc named a Pew Latin American Fellow.

Finding the Fit on Match Day

Twenty-one percent of the Class of 2016 is pursuing residencies in internal medicine.

Doing Good in the World

Medical and Sackler graduates set out to improve patients’ health and revolutionize science.

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Overweight and Healthy

Some obese people show little evidence of diseases linked to unhealthy diets.

Tai Chi and Ailing Joints

Slow, graceful motions and relaxation prove effective at managing pain.

Pathogens in Your Plumbing

Unregulated older parts of our water distribution systems threaten to spread illness at ever-higher costs.

The First Trilling Professor

Endowed faculty position will enable microbiologist John Leong to advance his research in geriatrics.

The Fab Four

Tufts-affiliated hospital performs four heart transplants in one day.