Winter 2018

For Each Student, a Stethoscope

Thanks to a new program, the Class of 2021 received gifts from the heart.

By Courtney Hollands

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Students Amir Molaie, Varsha Pramil, Raheem Lawrence, and Nathaniel Mizraki with their new stethoscopes. Photo: Anna Miller

It’s one of the most enduring symbols of modern medicine: the stethoscope. Thanks to the School of Medicine’s new Stethoscopes for Students program, alumni, parents, and friends donated $31,165 to provide the Class of 2021 with their timeless instruments.“ It’s one of the major tools that physically connects patients to a doctor,” said Amy Kuhlik, dean for student affairs at the medical school. “Receiving one’s first stethoscope is a rite of passage that all doctors seem to remember and cherish,” added Kristin Hill, director of the Fund for Tufts Medicine who oversaw the initiative.

When students opened their stethoscopes at orientation in August, they were touched to find personal notes from the donors in the boxes. Some included jokes (“I hope they don’t ask me to show the student how to use it. I’m a urologist.”), others were short and sweet (“Happy heartbeats!!”), and all were, well, heartfelt.

In the slideshow above, check out a few of the handwritten messages that accompanied the stethoscopes.

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