I went to the MFA today and looked at Avedon:  Fashion 1944-2000 and Scaasi:  An American Couturier for inspiration.  I feel like the two exhibits demonstrate the difference between fashion and art.  The Scaasi exhibit had beautiful clothes, but they didn’t challenge and inspire the way that the Avedon photographs do.  I love this display and want to model my homepage after it, with the title on the side:

Avedon exhibit

Introduction to photos from the '60s
Introduction to photos from the ’60s

The descriptions for each time period reflect my theme of how fashion has influenced and reflected history.  I also like the font used for the years.  I found this article that provides more good insight into the exhibit:  http://www.milforddailynews.com/entertainment/arts/x316188337/Richard-Avedon-Photographer-changed-the-face-of-fashion