Review of blog app is a site that allows you to build a free website.  It contains a number of applications that you can use to enhance your site.  One of them is a blogging app.  I like that you can set up the sidebar to display categories and recent blog entries.  I also like the search box at the top of the blog.  Posting a new entry is easy and straightforward–just click the “+POST NEW ENTRY” box at the top of the page.  I use this app so that my blog can be incorporated into my website.

However, I have a lot of issues with the app itself.  I haven’t found a way to customize the design of the blog itself without affecting the rest of the site.  I also don’t like that I can’t customize or change the title of the blog, which is required to be the same wording as the tab on the navigation bar.  While there is an option to add a description, there is no subtitle.  The description offers very little customization; I had to experiment with HTML to change the font.  The blog setting options are very minimal but very easy to use.  For some reason, instead of the usual “Post Tags” feature like on WordPress and every other blogging application, the blog app uses “Categories,” which must be created before you can add them to your posts.  You also can only assign three categories per post.  Uploading photos is easy, but there’s no way to preserve the aspect ratio when you resize the images.  There is also no preview option for posts. 

This blog feature is extremely basic.  I don’t know if a user would be able to modify the app with HTML and CSS, but these modifications would obviously require advanced skills.  The blog app does not have a good “help” feature, either.  When you click on the “Help” button, you only get a video that demonstrates the basics.  Since the blog app is only a small part of, I think the developers have not put a lot of effort into making it sophisticated like WordPress or Blogger.  It’s designed to be intuitive for a beginner, and only an advanced user has the skills to really modify it for full functionality.  The minimal capabilities that the developers care to support are reflected in the interface design.  Otherwise, this app is disappointing for someone who has experience in other blogging platforms.

My site shouldn’t have the same kinds of issues because it won’t be nearly as interactive, but I still hope to design an easily navigable site.  I don’t want users to be frustrated or confused.  I want to provide easily accessible and adequate information without being overwhelming.

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