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  • Everyone who has seen the popular HBO series: Game of Thrones has probably thought about having a pet dire wolf.  Jeremy Slavitz decided to use 3D printing to make that thought a reality.

    “I really wanted to make something using the 3d printers to verify that they are in fact as ridiculously powerful and capable as I’d believed they were.” -…

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    I have worked with 3D printers before in past internships, and I learned how useful they can be for 3D shot glass
    prototyping an idea, or a quick part replacement.  But I decided to make my first print in the Jumbo Maker Studio to be both fun and functional.

    !–more–So I decided to print a small cup that just happens to hold 1.5 oz. Despite the relatively…[Read more]

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    Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 2.48.26 PMCome check out all of the creative and cool projects going on right in Tisch Library! See something you want to make yourself? Come into the space, or send an email to, we’re always excited to help Makers get started.

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    Looking for a gift idea for someone? 3D printing is an inexpensive, and very creative way to go. As a HUGE fan of Calvin and Hobbes growing up, I became very excited about this 3D print by Brian Goodmon, a Software Engineer at Tufts.

    “My project is to make a charm bracelet charm in the shape of Calvin’s (of Calvin and Hobbes)…

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  • In addition to picking a fantastic name, Jenny Skerker and Nadia Hallaj  did a great job with their first Brown Bag Lunch.

    “We wanted to get across to people that 3D printers can be used for so much more than just cute toys or little trinkets. The focus of our workshop was to have people design and print products that they could actually use such…

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  • For this activity, we had objects such as tin foil, paper, Popsicle sticks, paperclips, string, and salt to test for attraction. We had the students predict whether or not the materials would be attracted to the […]

  • Katrina and I did this activity with 2nd graders, but just with tin foil. The focus was more on improving the structure over choice of material. The first tests held their attention, but because one of us had to […]