• Hi Mark,
    My name is Dawn Quirk, the manager of recycling programs at Tufts. A typical paper coffee cup has a plastic coating on the inside, and would have been bleached with chlorine, which is a chemical that I […]

  • …Or at least into a golden “A” for your dormitory or on-campus house. That’s right, it’s preliminary grading time for Recyclemania, and it’s time for you to start stepping up your recycling game! Over the course of the next two weeks, Tufts Recycles! interns will be coming through each dorm and campus house to do the preliminary [...]

  • A new website was recently launched that allows people to buy and sell clothing to raise money! This money can go towards philanthropic groups and projects, or even for personal gain. The theme of the website is recycling for social change. Many of us have clothes in our closet that we do not need or want. [...]

  • Thumbnail Since I was a little girl, I have been afraid of balloons for fear of accidentally letting one slip through my fingers and inadvertently causing the strangulation of an innocent dolphin or bird.  Upon finding out about an impending balloon release on campus I shuddered to think of all of the wildlife it would impact. Initially [...]

  • Last Friday at ten in the morning, a time when most college students are still sound asleep, a group of girls from the Tufts chapter of Alpha Phi, along with Tufts’ Recycling Manager Dawn Quirk, were outside battling muddy slopes and mosquitoes. The girls were working in conjunction with Tufts’ first annual Reach Out! Service Day , an [...]

  • ThumbnailThe class of 2015 was admitted to Tufts in its strongest undergraduate admissions cycle yet, and on their first day on the hill, they learned how to compost. This year’s matriculation meals were almost completely compost-friendly; plates and napkins were compostable, and the menu was made up of primarily vegan selections, which made the process…[Read more]

  • With just a few hours of your time, YOU can help make this year’s matriculation zero waste efforts successful, and get paid doing so! Just three years ago, food waste was composted for the first time during freshman orientation. Tufts Dining Services, the Facilities Department, the Tufts Institute of the Environment and the Office of…[Read more]

  • ThumbnailTufts Recycles intern Rose Eilenberg is spending the summer in Alaska. Below is a photo of her on a recent hike.

    Check back soon to learn more about Rose’s Alaskan adventures!

  • Does the idea of compost make you feel the opposite of composed? Are there used batteries collecting dust in your basement because the proper place for their disposal remains elusive to you? If so, you’re not alone; in 2010 only 8% of Americans composted their food waste, and our country throws out approximately 179,000 tons of  batteries…[Read more]

  • Wondering what we’ve been up to?
    Click on one of the links below to learn about what we have been doing this summer!

  • The semester long recycling competition has concluded, and we’ve got some winners to congratulate. We are proud of Haskell for being the only dormitory in first place! In the house category, we have an impressive five-way tie: Bayit, 92-94 Curtis, Milne, Schmalz and 10 Winthrop. Great job, everyone! We’d like to give a big thank you [...]

  • If you pride yourself in being an active citizen both on the Tufts campus and beyond, then you will want to participate in RecycleMania. RecycleMania is a national competition between hundreds of colleges and universities, the goal being to determine which institution has the highest recycling rate. This competition is meant to promote waste…[Read more]

  • ThumbnailIf you are reading this blog, you are probably at least inclined to recycle and perhaps are curious about cool products that have been made from reused objects. A bottle cork is a common item in many homes but recycling outlets for corks are few and far between.Why not use it to serve as a laptop stand? [...]

  • ThumbnailAre you a Tufts student who lives in Medford? You can now participate in an innovative and simple new recycling program that is expected to significantly increase Medford’s 13% recycling rate. On November 1st Medford will begin a single stream recycling program, which will enable residents to dispose of all their recyclables including glass,…[Read more]

  • Your recycling one aluminum can could literally save lives. This past week, seven people were killed in Hungary by toxic red mud, which is flooding parts of the nation and destroying local waterways. This harmful red sludge is a byproduct of the aluminum production process, the same aluminum used to make cans. Aluminum cans are made [...]

  • ThumbnailIn coordination with the UMASS Boston initiative COASTSWEEP and the Ocean Conservancy’s 25th Annual International Coastal Cleanup, Dawn Quirk, our campus recycling coordinator, is organizing a local clean-up. It will take place this Saturday, September 24, 2010. Volunteers are needed between the hours of 9am-12pm.If you want to lend a hand to get…[Read more]

  • ThumbnailDormitory recycling bins will be distributed throughout the large dorms next week. Wood-frame houses and apartments will receive bins upon special request.  Students are responsible to empty these small bins into one of the central collection bins found in the hallways of the dormitories.

  • ThumbnailWith just a few hours of your time, YOU can help make this year’s matriculation zero waste efforts successful. Please give us a hand! Two years ago was the first time food waste was composted during freshman orientation. Read about one intern’s take on the mixed results here. The more help we have, the more successful the process [...]

  • ThumbnailNeed new back-to-school items for your dorm? How about ones made from recycled yogurt cups? Get your complete 100% recycled kitchen and dinnerware such as bowls, strainers, cutting boards, storage containers, cups, plates and more at Preserve. You can even donate your #5 plastics that many cities will not take at locations throughout Massachusetts…[Read more]

  • Thumbnail“There were many times when people looked at us and said, ‘you’re crazy,’”… “I think it drove us on to say, ‘Anything’s possible.’” Click here to read the Associated Press article about the ship’s adventure. The Plastiki’s website is full of information including videos, a meet the crew page and an interactive feature to explore the boat. [Read more]

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