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Misaki Nozawa

  • So usually this blog is mostly posts from our group in Shilongo, but it’s about time that we provided some at home insight.

    We, as you, our readers must, love reading these blog posts because it gives those of […]

  • Mulembe!
    I wrote an email full of the details of daily life in Uganda for my very worried parents and family and I thought that, with a few alterations, it would make a decent blog post. It is a nice departure […]

  • Sorry we haven’t been able to post more regularly, but here are updates from the past few days.

    It’s unbelievable that we have already been here for a week. Getting
    to know the community and learning about […]

  • Hello from Mbale!
    We finally got to Shilongo yesterday after flying from Boston to Amsterdam to Kigali to Entebbe. We landed in Uganda at 10:30 pm New Years Eve. Kampala was going wild. On our way to the hostel […]

  • We can’t believe how time flies! Our group has been enjoying the
    company of our old and new friends in Shilongo. I am so happy to
    reconnect with so many old friends and introduce Kevin and Abby to
    them! […]

  • ThumbnailThe last few days that we have had here in Shilongo have been very bittersweet. Timoth has already begun to complain about how he will have nothing to do when we leave and it’s difficult thinking about how little time we have left with the community. We recently found out about a gravity tap system that [...]

  • ThumbnailOn most mornings, we wake up to sunshine streaming through our windows and singing from inside the church so we were looking forward to attending services on Sunday morning. It was a peaceful and joyous way of spending the morning and it was interesting for all of us even though none of us are legally Catholic. [...]

  • ThumbnailWe have been spending so much time in the past few days with the community. Going house to house, we have visisted numerous homes all over the village. Not only are we gathering the important information for our project but we have been meeting new community members of Shilongo and developing new friendships everyday! Each house [...]

  • ThumbnailOur days so far have been continually jam-packed, which has been great, waking early and returning after dark to long discussions about the day. The last few late nights have resulted in Misaki, Alyssa and me each taking turns nodding off while in discussion about the community. Saturday morning, after the dusty affair of going into [...]

  • ThumbnailIt amazes me that we have only been working with the community for only three days! We’ve been very productive in the past couple of days. Unfortunately, our first attempt at water quality testing didn’t turn out exactly as we planned. This morning, the petri dishes had a pretty awful smell and the bags we thought [...]

  • ThumbnailWe started our second day in Shilongo with a 9 o’clock water board meeting at the prenyende, which of course meant 10:30 in Ugandan time.  While we waited for all the water board members to arrive, we enjoyed the beautiful view of the village and practiced our Lugisu with people who passed by.  I also got [...]

  • ThumbnailWe woke early this morning to singing from the church just across the street and a few roosters announcing the day. After a nice breakfast of toast, jam, tea, and sweet bananas, (‘kamamua’ in Lugisu, as we learned this afternoon), we met Vincent and Father John in the yard, before heading down the road into Shilongo [...]

  • We started our long journey to Shilongo on January 1st, flying from JFK to Amsterdam. After getting in earlier than we expected, we visited Professor Swan in the airport after he had gotten off of two flights and was planning on getting on two more! We were all under the impression that our flight would [...]

  • Today we started off once again with rain. In the time it took us to walk from the house to the Shilongo village we went from a mere mist to a downpour. Thank goodness George invited Erin C., Erin F., and John into his house for shelter. Most of the morning was spent waiting for [...]