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College and Academics

by Ammar on September 11, 2011

Life would be so much more interesting if I didn’t have to take classes. On a campus like Tufts, there are so many exciting opportunities around that I wish I could spend more time doing, but it seems that classes and other responsibilities always get in the way. For instance, yesterday a friend of mine told me about an opportunity to spend a few weeks settings up an online system in php or python (both of which I am fairly proficient in) using third party APIs on an apache server do deal with forms logic and file storage. There’s my current position as an Academic Technology Fellow, which has been exposing me to wonderful technological tools that Tufts has available; I wish I had more time to play around with them and understand them inside out. There’s my internship from the summer, which I’d love to work harder on. There are many many more things I’d be happier doing, and on top of that there are always freelance projects floating around that I would be happy to spend a week developing and working on. And of course, there’s my personal website, which I swore I’d complete over the summer but only ended up doing part of it over the last week or so.

Another year and I’m out. However, that also means that it’s going to be much harder to come by opportunities such as this. Quite a conundrum indeed: I need to be in college to find things to do, but being in college means I have no time to do things.

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