Mobile health could be the panacea of this age, you know, some form of big remedy to the issues of preventive and curative healthcare. Or perhaps what I call a century-old revolution, a healthcare approach that has evolved over time and is steadily and gradually changing the phase of healthcare and general living. The whole show of mHealth began with Gregory Lektman’s  first invention of a heart rate monitor in 1957.He has since invented other health monitoring devices including Exerlopers(No-impact running shoes) and Atense(Fitness anti-tension device). There has also been a proliferous galore of health devices; IntelliVue MX40 from Philips Eletronics, Zoll LifeVest , Basis(it’s awesome) and software applications that function singularly or collectively for educative, preventive, diagnostic and curative purposes. My internship(summer 2013) has so far perked my curiosity in matters pertaining to better healthcare through technology. And I, so far, have found that there are numerous facts and research work that do more than suggest that mHealth is indeed worth it’s salt. On this website I will be sharing with you facts and inventions (new and old) that will hopefully bring us closer to predicting the answer to this question: is mHealth a health revolution?