I study how young people make sense of complex problems in science and mathematics, and how to support such sensemaking. As part of this work, I design computational toolkits with the goal of empowering young people to share, formalize, and test their own ideas about how the world works. You can find some examples of this at the Expressive Technologies Lab website.

Two projects I’m working on currently are: SiMSAM (Simulation, Measurement, and Stop-Action Moviemaking), to explore how we can support computational scientific modeling in the middle grades, and DataSketch, to investigate and help support the development of young learners’ data visualization competencies. I’ve also got ongoing work that explores how young people make sense of the quantitative patterns generated by complex systems using computational simulations they build themselves with the DeltaTick domain-specific construction interface for NetLogo.

I’m affiliated with the Tufts Center for Engineering Education and Outreach, and Tufts’ Cognitive Science Program. Visit me on github and Google Scholar. I got my PhD in Learning Sciences at Northwestern University, and also hold undergraduate degrees inĀ Mathematics and Elementary Education. My work is supported by grants from the National Science Foundation and Tufts University.