Tufts Teaching with Tech Symp 2013

I spoke a bit about some of the ways I design course activities that engage students as researchers and practitioners at this year’s Teaching with Technology Symposium:

Workshop 1B: Sustaining Innovative Course Design – Panel Discussion

Addy Alt-Holland, Assistant Professor, Research Administration, School of Dental Medicine
Michelle Wilkerson-Jerde, Assistant Professor, Education, School of Arts and Sciences
Facilitator: Sheryl Barnes, Assistant Director, TTS Educational and Scholarly Technology Services

Join faculty colleagues for an open discussion about how they create and sustain innovation in their courses. The focus of this session will be on how instructors decide where to innovate and why they do so, how they modify course design elements to sustain impact over time, and how they assess the impact of these changes. This session cuts across all disciplines and technologies to focus on the thinking and design processes that underlie successful and impactful teaching innovations.

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