New SiMSAM Paper, J Sci Ed & Tech

Wilkerson-Jerde, M. H., Gravel, B. E., & Macrander, C. A. (2014). Exploring shifts in middle school learners’ modeling activity while generating drawings, animations, and simulations of molecular diffusion. Online First in Journal of Science Education and Technology. doi: 10.1007/s10956-014-9497-5 [Pre-Print Manuscript][SpringerLink] Abstract. Modeling and using technology are two practices of particular interest to K-12 science […]

2014 CAREER Award

The DataSketch project, a new project that will investigate young people’s data visualization competencies, has been awarded an NSF CAREER grant. Here is more information.

New Categorizer Article, ETR&D

A new article based on a study of The Categorizer will appear in Educational Technology Research & Development: Wilkerson-Jerde, M. (2013/2014). Construction, Categorization, and Consensus: Student Generated Computational Artifacts as a Context for Disciplinary Reflection. Online First in Educational Technology Research & Development. doi: 10.1007/s11423-013-9327-0. The article reports on a formative study of the first version […]

SiMSAM at AERA 2014

The SiMSAM team will be presenting results from our first pilot studies conducted as part of the project at AERA 2014! We are looking forward to sharing our progress with the community and getting feedback. We will be in the Division C – Learning and Instruction / Section 1d: Science session Modeling for Understanding and […]

SiMSAM at CSCL 2013

The SiMSAM team will be presenting a poster on our ongoing work at CSCL 2013: Wilkerson-Jerde, M., Gravel, B. & Macrander, C. (2013). SiMSAM: An Integrated Toolkit to Bridge Student, Scientific, and Mathematical Ideas Using Computational Media.

Jean Piaget Society 2013

Christopher Macrander will be presenting a paper based on data from the SiMSAM project at the Annual Meeting of the Jean Piaget Society in Chicago, IL this June: Macrander, C., Wilkerson-Jerde, M. & Gravel, B. (2013). Nested Framings and the Pursuit of Scientific Inquiry. To be Presented at the Annual Meeting of the Jean Piaget […]

Tufts Teaching with Tech Symp 2013

I spoke a bit about some of the ways I design course activities that engage students as researchers and practitioners at this year’s Teaching with Technology Symposium: Workshop 1B: Sustaining Innovative Course Design – Panel Discussion Addy Alt-Holland, Assistant Professor, Research Administration, School of Dental Medicine Michelle Wilkerson-Jerde, Assistant Professor, Education, School of Arts and […]

Presentations at AERA 2013

Two posters stemming from our work on middle school students’ representational competence have been accepted for presentation at next year’s Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association as part of the Special Interest Group on Learning Sciences (SIG-LS) and Division C-Learning and Instruction, Mathematics programs: Wilkerson-Jerde, M. & Maldonis, J. Patterns in students’ processes […]

NCTM Research Presession 2013

Colleagues from the Poincaré Institute and I will be presenting work on teachers and mathematical modeling at the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics 2013 Research Presession, April 15-17 in Denver, Colorado! This work explores what criteria teachers use to define what constitutes a mathematical model, how that criteria changes depending on context, and what […]

Tufts Computer Science Colloquium, Sept 27 2012

Designing Computational Environments for Mathematical and Scientific Expression September 27, 2012 2:50 pm – 4:00 pm Halligan 111 More information here: