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MAgICS stands for Multi-Agent Introduction to Computer Science, a project aimed at introducing novice Computer Science students to advanced topics and applications such as parallel and distributed systems. This work explores the potential for ABM to integrate interdisciplinary and advanced-level topics to introductory computer science. In preliminary studies, we have found that introducing students to agent-based computational approaches, even briefly, can help them consider parallel and distributed approaches to problem solving, and can pique their interest in advanced applications very early on in their curriculum.

For more information, see:

Stonedahl, F., Wilkerson-Jerde, M. & Wilensky, U. (2011). MAgICS: Toward a multi-agent introduction to computer science. In M. Beer, M. Fasli, and D. Richards (Eds.) Multi-Agent Systems for Education and Interactive Entertainment: Design, Use and Experience. IGI Global. pp. 1-25.

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