Morpho is a program to solve shape optimization problems, created by Tim Atherton and the Soft Matter Theory group at Tufts University. For example, finding the shape of an oil droplet in the presence of an electric field. Similar in concept to the Surface Evolver, it is intended to address a more general class of problems including volumes, shapes with embedded fields and ordering and multicomponent systems. It is a completely programmable environment, facilitating convenient scripting and extension and incorporates extensive visualization abilities to assist users in solving these challenging problems.

Morpho leverages the following libraries,

Mersenne twister — for random number generation,

linenoise — to provide a user-friendly command line interface,

BLAS and LAPACK — for linear algebra,

GLFW — to provide a graphical display,

libdrawtext — for text rendering,

and development was, in part, funded by a Cottrell Award from the Research Corporation for Science Advancement and a CAREER award from the National Science Foundation (DMR-1654283)