Sunday, 16 of June of 2019

Murrow Home

The Edward R. Murrow Papers, ca 1913-1985

Edward R. Murrow (1908-1965) was a prominent CBS broadcaster during the formative years of American radio and television news programs. Stationed in London for CBS Radio from 1937 to 1946, Murrow assembled a group of erudite correspondents who came to be known as the ‘Murrow Boys’ and included one woman, Mary Marvin Breckinridge. Their World War II broadcasts from London, Europe, Africa, and Asia set the standards for U.S. foreign news broadcasting. Returning to the US in 1946, Murrow became one of the most renowned radio and television news broadcasters of his time. He left CBS in 1961 and served as director of the United States Information Agency until January 1964. Edward R. Murrow died of cancer on April 27th 1965.The Edward R. Murrow Papers, ca 1913-1985, housed at the Digital Collections and Archives, Tufts University, is the world’s largest collection of Edward R. Murrow material. Dating largely from 1934 to 1965, the 55 linear feet of documents include correspondence, personal materials, work and activities-related files, and over 320 photographs. The papers also include about 1700 books, memorabilia as well as audiovisual material.