The West End Museum (150 Staniford Street, Boston, MA 02114) is  seeking aspiring curators: administrative assistant, exhibit planners,  development officers, marketing/pr and archive specialists  to intern.  We are looking for pre-professionals, students, recent graduates, and  people willing to gain experience in a particular career field of the  museum business. We recognize that student internships also supplement  academic classes and, in some cases, earn college credit, which we are  willing to consent to.

The West End Museum offers visitors a unique look into important periods of our city’s history. The Museum was established in 1990 and has been in its current Lomasney Way location since 2002 in what was once the heart of Boston’s Old West End. The West End Museum is one of Boston’s few neighborhood museums. Through its ongoing exhibit, The ‘Last Tenement’, visitors are transported back to the immigrant era of the 19th and 20th century. The West End, which was fondly called “the greatest neighborhood this side of heaven,” was demolished in the late 1950’s to allow for Urban Renewal. The new neighborhood, which stretches from the Bulfinch Triangle in front of TD Boston Garden to Cambridge   Street at the foot of Beacon  Hill, bears little resemblance to the narrow, crowded streets that were home to hundreds of thousands of immigrant families for over 100 years. The Museum is dedicated to the collection, preservation and interpretation of the history.

The West End neighborhood dates back to the founding of Boston in 1630 by William Blackstone when it was known as ‘The New Field’.  Two former West Enders, Charles Bulfinch and Harrison Gray Otis were directly responsible for the development of early Downtown Boston.  Boston’s hospital industry, transportation industry and entertainment industry all had their beginnings in the West End. The West End Museum tells this story.

West End Museum hours are:
Tuesday – Friday 11am-5pm
Saturday 11am-  4pm

Contact Infortmation:
(617) 723-2125

Located at:
150   Staniford Street, suite 7

(on Lomasney Way)
Boston, MA 02114
(one block from North Station and the Science Park/West End T-stop)