Manager of Public Programs, Monterey Bay Aquarium

The Manager of Public Programs will manage paid and unpaid staff associated
with public programs. This position works closely with the Manager of Guest
Experience Innovation and Manager of Aquarium Adventures to determine the
best mix of innovative, fun, conservation-driven programming for guests
visiting Monterey Bay Aquarium with an eye towards supporting both the Guest
Experience and overall Monterey Bay Aquarium mission. The manager designs,
develops, implements and evaluates all public programs at the Monterey Bay
Aquarium and oversees the development of a comprehensive training/ongoing
coaching model, works with the Manager of Innovation and Sr. Manager of
Training/Interpretation to ensure that efforts in the public programs group
are supporting and complementing efforts in the many other Guest Experience

Functions of this position include; ensuring that public programs are
developed and delivered with the highest standards possible, monitor and
troubleshoot programs on the floor with an eye towards raising the bar,
oversee the weekly/monthly scheduling efforts, and to deliver public
programs as needed.

Bachelor’s Degree in Natural Science or Education preferred. Master’s Degree
and knowledge of marine environment are highly desirable. Strong
interpersonal skills and demonstrated ability to supervise and work with a
variety of types of professionals, interns and volunteers of various ages.
At least four years experience in the management of programming in an
aquarium, museum or major attraction. Excellent written and oral
communication skills. Experience in teaching and public speaking or theater.
Demonstrated competence in program development. Flexibility and the ability
to organize and manage a number of diverse tasks simultaneously. Familiarity
with the Microsoft Office suite of programs.

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