Director of Education, World Science Festival

This new position at the World Science Festival will be responsible for
establishing the educational agenda and extending the impact of WSF
Programming into ongoing initiatives that engage young people in
learning about and actively participating in science.

Working closely with the Executive team, the individual in this role
will be responsible for overseeing all educational aspects of WSF
Programming including: augmenting festival programs with educational
extensions, adding educational wrappers to core programs, leading
outreach to the education community, and supporting the efforts of the
Development team to cultivate STEM sponsors.  He/she will articulate the
organization¹s educational mission and goals, cultivate key strategic
alliances with other organizations, develop pilot programs and
full-fledged initiatives, and position the organization as a leading
player in STEM and STEAM initiatives worldwide.

* Create and implement educational initiatives that offer new
approaches for teaching science through the arts
* Lead development of supplemental curriculum materials based on
the high-quality content of WSF original programs
* Develop and execute digital learning initiatives in partnership
with internal technology team and external technology partners
* Augment WSF Programs with digital extensions including teacher
guides, webcasts, educational games and other content that expand
learning and impact
* Establish partnerships and networks with relevant organizations
in the public and private spheres to extend the reach of WSF and enhance
the development of WSF¹s educational programs and agenda
* Develop assessment method for new initiatives that can be used to
report results to the science, education and funder communities as well
as the general public
* Stay current on and serve as a resource for the organization on
the latest research, trends and best practices in science education and
learning, especially digital learning


* Graduate degree in Education or Educational Technology preferred
* Knowledge of the latest research and trends in formal and
informal education, especially digital learning and STEM education
* Proven track record of program development, taking the seed of an
idea and creating a new program through strategic planning, ongoing
communication with key stakeholders, the cultivation of strategic
alliances and detailed project management
* Experience working with content and creative people greatly
* Exceptional verbal, written, social and organizational skills

About the Organization:

The World Science Festival is a production of the Science Festival
Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization headquartered in New
York City. The Foundation¹s mission is to cultivate a general public
informed by science, inspired by its wonder, convinced of its value, and
prepared to engage with its implications for the future.  The Board
includes Alan Alda, the actor/author/director; Ann Ziff, managing
director and co-chairman of the Board of the Metropolitan Opera and a
vice chairman on the Board of Directors of the Lincoln Center for the
Performing Arts, Inc.; Lee Bollinger, the President of Columbia
University; Brian Greene, Professor of Physics and Professor of
Mathematics at Columbia University, and author of The Elegant Universe;
Tracy Day, CEO and Co-founder of The World Science Festival, who is a
four-time National News Emmy award-winning journalist; and Judith Cox,
the President of the Science Festival Foundation, who was Deputy
Director of The Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation and instrumental in its
New York and international operations.

The World Science Festival¹s signature event is an annual week-long
celebration and exploration of science that launched in 2008.  Hailed a
³new cultural institution,² by the New
York Times, the Festival has
featured such luminaries as:  Stephen Hawking, E.O. Wilson, Sir Paul
Nurse, Harold Varmus, Daniel Dennett, Eric Lander, Steven Chu, Richard
Leakey, Sylvia Earle, Yo-Yo Ma, Oliver Sacks, Mary Claire King, Chuck
Close, Philip Glass, Charlie Kaufman, Glenn Close, Anna Deavere Smith,
Bobby McFerrin, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Liev Schrieber, John Lithgow, Bill T.
Jones, Charlie Rose, John Hockenberry, Elizabeth Vargas and Walter
Isaacson.  The first four Festivals attracted over half a million
visitors, and millions more have viewed the programs online. The World
Science Festival has recently commenced year-round live programming in
New York City, nationally and internationally.

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