Senior Program Associate PEW Center for the Arts & Heritage (Philadelphia

*Senior Program Associate*
PEW Center for the Arts & Heritage
(Philadelphia PA)****

Senior Program Associate

Full-time Senior Program Associate needed to serve the Philadelphia
Exhibitions Initiative (PEI) and the Pew Fellowships in the Arts (PFA), two
premier grant-making Initiatives housed at the Pew Center for Arts &
Heritage (

You¹ll facilitate the work of the PEI and PFA Directors and other
Initiative staff by providing day-to-day administrative, programmatic and
logistical support, ensuring effective and efficient operations. As the
overseer of all administrative support for the assigned Initiatives, the
role is a critical interface between the Initiatives and multiple internal
and external parties.
The job requires the use of technology skills to keep Initiatives¹ websites
and other technology-related needs satisfied.  This role is integral to
each Initiative¹s team, and its contributions are vital to our success.
You¹ll work closely with the PEI and PFA staff in all phases of Initiative
operations.  Reporting directly to the two Directors, you¹ll:
€ Answer routine questions from applicants and grantees, screen
applications for errors and omissions and make follow-up calls, prepare
contracts for grantees and fellows according to the Center¹s model, track
incoming applications and monitor/report activity vis-à-vis the grants (for
both interim and final reports);
€ Work with Initiative staff members and the Center¹s Communications
Specialist and Senior Associate, PCMI/Communications to plan and organize
the distribution of annual program guidelines, press releases, catalogs,
etc. and to generate periodic reports and analyses from the Center¹s
soon-to-be created comprehensive database;
€ Work in close partnership with the Center¹s Communications staff on the
qualitative and technological aspects of external communications involving
Initiatives¹ websites, press releases, print and online publications,
correspondence, and large mailings; and, the preparation of panel books;
€ Serve as a point person, working closely with the Center¹s Meeting and
Event Planner and the Senior Program Associate, PCMI/Communications to
ensure the effective preparation of all logistics surrounding the convening
of the annual Peer Review Panels, professional development activities and
other public events;
€ As assigned, support the Initiatives in research and editorial projects
utilizing specific knowledge, expertise and talent; and,
€ Occasionally manage the work of temporary employees, vendors and other

To be selected, you¹ll need a bachelor¹s degree or its equivalent and have
four years of administrative (Administrative Assistant, Executive Assistant
or paralegal) work experience.  At least six years of strong administrative
experience without a degree would also be acceptable.  Editorial and
not-for-profit experiences are preferred, along with an interest in and
understanding of the nature of cultural practice. You¹ll need to be a
systematic thinker with proven success in creating and maintaining
efficient administrative processes.  The job requires strong organizational
skills and an aptitude and a liking for administrative work.  High
proficiency in the use of software and technology is expected, including
fluency in the Microsoft Office Suite (Excel, Outlook, Word, PowerPoint,
and Access). Good word processing skills are important as is fluency in
ExpressionEngine or other web content management systems.  Excellent
written and oral communication skills are vital, including meticulous
message-taking, solid composition, proofreading and editing skills,
grammatical correctness, style appropriateness, formatting consistency and
attention to overall completeness of documents and web content.
You must be able to work independently and as member of multiple teams, and
you must be able to prioritize and spontaneously reprioritize multiple
projects in a busy environment accurately, efficiently, and with a high
level of attention to detail.  The job requires an ability to balance and
satisfy competing deadlines and personalities, maintaining professionalism
under pressure and in sensitive situations. You need to be able to tolerate
paperwork and respect administrative procedures while remaining flexible
and resilient.  Empathy for the needs of non-profit organizations and
independent artists is required.

For complete requirements, visit

TO APPLY: An interested, qualified applicant should submit a cover letter,
resume, and three writing samples to:

University of the Arts
Office of Personnel Services
Room 260, Hamilton Hall
320 South Broad Street,
Philadelphia, PA 19102

or send your application via email to